Now, I read my first post and I realize that I was wonder about the lesson. I want to learn how I can use technology efficiently. Then I am thinking about it , actually I learn too important things via CALL lesson. Thanks for my teacher and our homeworks, I have to learn all the course topic and I did it. 🙂

This is last post and I am excieted obut it. Actually I dont like writing but these posts give me chance to like it. This is not just one advantage of the course. It is also important to teach how we use technology in class. As an ELT proccess, we have to use technology in any way. Computers, cellphones,onlinepages, applications.. and so. All of them  is our materials and course helper. I am very glad to learn all about them. Thanks my dear teacher..:) 


  Free website builders is known as Weebly, and this web builder can be a great choice for many types of web based businesses. Like all such free sites, Weebly has both advantages and disadvantages, and it is important for would be users to learn as much as they can about its services before getting started. The first step for would be Weebly users is a simple sign up process. After that process has been completed, users are greeted by the Weebly website builder.For upgrading your accound, you have to pay also. Even so, you can make a lot of things using free mode of the weebly.

The first year I learned prepare a webside with frontpage. But weebly is easier than the frontpage and weebly is new version of frontpage.

The final course is totally related to use weebly. I wish I can prepare perfectly good webside via weebly, and take a good mark. 🙂



A podcast is a digital media file, or a series of such files, that is distributed over the  Internet using syndication feeds for playback on portable media players and personal  computers.  The podcast can be downloaded and the access to it is very easy. Feed formats such as RSS, which nearly every computer has and every website make it easy to get the podcast people want. Audiboo is a postcast site.It is very popular.Every person can use it easily,you have  page and create your voice, share your podcast.It is amazing idea for English language clases. Audioboo is so easy to use so even your young students can record their voices easily by using audioboo website.The BBC, Guardian Unlimited, Yahoo, all sorts of WebPages and news organizations have their podcast which is convenient, because for example journalists have missed the news, or an event that has recently happened, he/she can listen to it again. It is easy and convenient, because people can listen to the latest podcast on their way to work, as nearly everyone has an iPod or an mp3 player. I have been tried it before. my phone has this app and I downloaded some of them. As I said before podcast really usefull for us.


Storytelling is very attractive and interesting for the students. Especially young learners love stories. While teaching laguage, using stories make student motivated. Digital story is easy and interesting way of t. ğreparetion of the digital story is not very huge prosses. 5- 10 minutes is enough to students but it can change depend on the level and age of the students. this stories can be real or fiction, it doesnt matter but the topic of the story should be suitable for the learners. while teacher use the digital story, there are some prosedure. In the story there would be unknown word. teacher should be ready for this problem. Instead of download a digital story, teacher can prepare one of them. And because of teachers knowledge about his students, the story can more suitable for the studens.


As everybody know theese two words “facebook-twitter” mean that the social medias. theese are the famous one for this. both of them are free and in order to search this pages you need to give an accound. every body has a nickname, password and internet adress in this area. facebook and twitter help us to communicate with the others. You can find your relatives, friends or old friends and also you can find people who didnt know before. peaple can share their photos, videos, and words. It is not jut for communication by the written way, also verbal way. Twitter is l,kely the same thing facebook. But in twitter you can write only 140 character in a text. 

we use facebook and twitter for education. nealry the all lesson we have special group and everyone can write commends obut the lesson.

It doesnt matter who you are and how old you are, you can get an accound and use this area. because of this facebook and twitter are very crowded nowadays. eventhough is not complately good, it help the society to communicate easly.


WiZiQ is a platform for anyone and everyone who wants to teach or learn live, online. With a virtual classroom, educational content and a session scheduler, WiZiQ works best for anyone’s online teaching and learning needs.

I belibe that we will use it in the future, because it is very  usfull and easy way to leanr and work together.WiZiQ puts learners and teachers together regardless of the boundaries and enables live, online teaching for absolutely no cost to the teacher or the student. Learning live in a virtual classroom from a teacher of your choice, we believe, is the next best alternative to face-to-face teaching. In this way the quality of learning can be increase.


We have learned about the nicenet and dokeos.  Nicenet is a web-based tool for running an educational program at any level: a college course, a second-grade class, or a medical school course. It has capabilities for two-way communication between members; for announcing schedules and schedule changes; for reminding you of tasks; for sharing useful web links with other members; and for submitting text information electronically. It is accessible from any computer with an internet connection and web browser, so no matter where you are, you can always get to it. It is free, has no advertising, and does not share your personal information or e-mail address with any commercial entities.
Dokeos is an elearning and course management web application (LMS), translated in 34 languages, already helping thousands of organisations worldwide to manage learning and collaboration activities, the website said :) all over the world therefore are lots of opportunities for learning. This is one of them. Technology is improving day by day so we must be attractive and modern about it.


while we prepare a presentation we always use the power point. some presantation I saw the prezi but I didnt know how they do this prepare this presentation. Then I learned it is prezi presentations. 

The most important thing in a presentation is visualisation. And the prezi is really good at it. It is very interesting and attractive for the learners. I am glad to larn it.


Mobile learning, or “m-learning”, offers modern ways to support learning process through mobile devices, such as handheld and tablet computers, MP3 players, smartphones and mobile phones. I think mobile learning is very important for us. Beacuse   we use this everywhere and everytime.

Such as Feedly.Google Reader, Skype, Flipboard, Pressreader, TED Talks, Edmodo, Dropbox, Youtube, Oxford Advanced Dictionary, there are many ways for mobile learning. Clever phones and android operated devices are present for the m-learning.